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Kelly Cam

Follow Michigan mom, Kelly Brighton as she under goes bariatric surgery at the Michigan Bariatric Institute. Watch her personal journey unfold in these video diaries as Kelly loses nearly 100 lbs. and continues to work towards her goal weight.

Video #1 – “Small Successes”

Pre surgery, and immediately post-surgery
Starting weight – 283 lbs.            

Kelly discusses excitement and anxieties before surgery; her immediate progress after surgery; and the challenges with pain, eating and the post-surgery drain.

Video #2 – “Every day gets better and better”

1 week post surgery – 16 lbs. loss

Kelly continues to figure out the best way to take her pain medicine and live with the temporary post-surgery drain.

Video #3 – “This has been so tough – it totally knocked me on my butt”

10 days post surgery – 20 lbs. lost

Kelly works to balance being a mom and a patient in recovery. She is sore and tired; her recovery is proving to be a challenge.

Video #4 – “I’m not hungry – this is a new concept for me”

2.5 weeks post surgery – 30 lbs. lost

Kelly has some pain at an incision site, which she learns is “healing pain.” She is getting out more, and is finding it easier to do daily activities with her children. She is noticing changes in her face and shoulders, and clothes are fitting her easier.

Video #5 – “I slept on my stomach last night!”

5 weeks post surgery -- 40.5 lbs. loss

Kelly’s measurements keep going down. She reflects on the challenges of the recovery process, but the excitement of her body changing. Kelly prepares for a wedding and she plans to buy a new dress!

Video #6 – “I haven’t worn a 20 in a really long time”

6 weeks post surgery --1 lb. gain from the previous week

Kelly is not happy about the 1 lb. gain from the previous week, but understands some patients experience a “stall” in weight loss during the process. She is feeling much better and more normal than in the initial weeks of recovery. She discusses protein shakes vs. protein bars, exercise, and shopping… and models her new size 20 dress, a size she hasn’t worn in at least 7 years.

Video #7 – “This is a good week”

7 weeks post surgery - 44 lbs. lost

Kelly’s measurements are staying the same or going down. She is getting out and exercising more with her husband. Kelly reflects on the little things that are different: she can see her pulse in her wrist and she can feel her elbows!

Video #8 “I look cute in this picture too!”

10 weeks post surgery - 50 lb. loss

Kelly reflects on a recent trip with her college girlfriends to New Orleans. She fit comfortably in the airplane seat and she feels confident with the way she looks when she is out and about with her friends. Remember that size 20 dress? She wore it in New Orleans and it was too big!

Video #9 “I’m very, very happy”

4 months post surgery - 74 lbs lost

Kelly is down to a size 18 or less! She mentions extra skin forming on her stomach. She also talks about the psychological issues of the surgery: she’s more self conscious now than every before.  She relates this to her weight being an open topic of conversation.

Video #10 – “I’m finally under 200 pounds!”

5 months post surgery –85 lbs. lost

Kelly has reached a major milestone – she weighs less than 200 lbs. She prepares for something she never thought she would do: training and running a 5k! Join her as she runs the 29th annual Turkey Trot in Detroit.

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