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Inpatient Stroke & Rehabilitation Center at St. Joseph Mercy Port Huron

St. Joseph Mercy's 10-bed acute Rehabilitation Center is located on the hospital's second floor tower.

Any person who has experienced a decline in function and/or ability to perform activities of daily living and has the potential for improvement is a possible candidate for the acute inpatient rehabilitation center program. Examples of such services include:

Find out more about the Mercy Impatient Rehabilitation Center.

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Center Team:

  • Certified nurses and support personnel
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians
  • Social worker
  • Speech and language pathologists

This team of specialists is dedicated to helping patients gain as much independence as possible to return home or to their prior level of functioning. Read about the patient information available in the Rehabilitation Center Inpatient Information Guide.

Patients on the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit receive three hours of therapy, five days per week.

Mercy Inpatient Rehabilitation Center FAQs (frequently asked questions)

1. Why should I choose the Inpatient Rehabilitation program at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital?
Mercy Inpatient Rehabilitation is “hospital based”. This means your rehabilitation occurs right in the hospital setting where your physician can see you on a routine basis. Your progress is reviewed on a regular basis with your treatment team. Additionally, based on your physician orders, other tests can be performed without your having to leave the building.

2. How much therapy will I receive?
Our therapy program – including physical, occupational and speech therapy – is designed to be “intensive”. This means you will receive three hours of therapy, five out of seven days a week. This therapy will occur between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Therapy is offered Monday through Saturday. Your medical doctor must indicate that you are medically stable and can tolerate this level of activity. Your acceptance into the program will be determined prior to your transfer by the Physiatrist (a physician specially trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation).

3. Does my medical insurance cover the Mercy Inpatient Rehabilitation program?
Every insurance policy is different. Our referral coordinator will verify your coverage, prior to being admitted into St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. Medicare covers the program as "Hospital Days". This allows you to save your limited Nursing Home Days for when you really need them. Television and telephone services are included in your hospital stay.

If you have any additional question, please contact the Mercy Inpatient Rehabilitation Referral Coordinator at 810-966-3160.

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