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IRC22emu.jpg   Emu Essence Naturals-Pure Emu Oil   $21.99  Add to Cart
Emu Oil is a source of Omega Oils 3, 6, and 9. These essential fatty acids nourish the skin and aid in the treatment of wounds, minor burns, various skin conditions, and may help improve overall skin health. Helps restore moisture and reduce inflammation of sore muscles and stiff joints. 4.5 FL OZ 
IRC6AloeVera.jpg   Aloe Vera Gel   $8.50  Add to Cart
A non-greasy, non-oily, moisturizing gel highly concentrated with 98% Aloe Vera, acknowledged for its soothing, healing benefits. Helps protect the skin from damage due to dryness. 8oz 
IRCazulene.jpg   Image Recovery Azulene Cleanser   $22.95  Add to Cart
Excellent for all skin types, this gently calming cleanser combines the attributes of the Chamomile plant with the natural healing properties of the Aloe. Recommended for dry or sensitive skin types. 8 FL OZ 
IRC8AzuleneToner.jpg   Image Recovery Azulene Toner   $24.95  Add to Cart
A light, non-irritating, soothing toner with an herbal complex to calm, hydrate, and soften skin. Known benefits include toning & tightening, emollient & purifying, moisturizing, regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and calming. Calms and soothes sensitive skin. Recommend for dry or sensitive skin types. 8 FL OZ  
IRC11calmingfluid.jpg   Image Recovery Calming Bio Lipid Repair Fluid   $39.99  Add to Cart
Creamy fluid formulated with less than one percent emulsifiers so your skin's barrier remains intact. Calm comfortable skin day and night. See signs of aging soften and slow down. Reduces water loss, soothing and healing. This product has been tested and approved for sensitive skin and ophthalmologist-approved for use around the eye area. Recommended for all skin types. 1.7oz  
IRC13Liposome.jpg   Image Recovery Center Activating Liposome Complex   $55.95  Add to Cart
Suggested for sensitive, reactive, immuno-compromised, acne-prone skin. Beta Glucans have been shown to be powerful biological agents, which support the body's natural ability to repair itself. Does not contain any yeast proteins. 1.12oz 
IRC12restorativemarine.jpg   Image Recovery Restorative Marine Moisturizer   $25.00  Add to Cart
White, full body cream with the essential oil of Bergamot Oil soothes and hydrates skin. Clinical studies have reported increased collagen stimulation, a 20% increase in firmness and a 70% increase in skin moisture content, after 4 weeks of use. 2 oz 
IRCjasonNail.jpg   Jason Tea Tree Oil   $7.99  Add to Cart
This special formula helps correct and improve nail problems such as brittleness, peeling, cuticle problems and infection, hangnails, fungus, and other nail disorders. .5 FL OZ Directions: Apply to nail and cuticle area 2 times per day. Massage thoroughly. 
IRC4JasonCream.jpg   Jason Vitamin E 25000 Crème   $13.99  Add to Cart
A moisture-rich cream combining the healing effects of Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamins A, C, & E, and oils of avocado, Sunflower, and Wheat Germ to protect and moisturize tired, dry skin and to keep it supple. DO NOT USE ON SKIN DURING RADIATION THERAPY. May be used to repair skin after completion of radiation therapy. 4 OZ 
IRC5Nioxin.jpg   NIOXIN Starter Kit   $39.99  Add to Cart
Non-drug alternative for Hair Regrowth. Helps the scalp insulate itself from damaging physical and chemical changes. Cleanser (4oz) opens nutrient pathways by removing buildup and minerals without stripping essential oils. Scalp Therapy (4oz) is an energizing conditioner, which contains European botanicals and rich humectants to deliver moisture to dry scalp. Contains vitamins, proteins, and amino acids to nourish and energize your scalp to help produce stronger hair. Will not block pores or hair follicles, thereby improving oxygen and nutrient uptake. Bionutrient Treatment (4oz) nourishes the roots naturally to help create fuller, thicker, healthier hair. Vitamins improve microcirculation by energizing cellular activity giving a rosy glow to areas where product is applied. 
IRC10SPF30.jpg   Skin Care - Advanced Protection SPF30   $10.50  Add to Cart
Creamy white, fragrance-free light lotion designed for moisturization with natural ingredients. Contains a powerful anti-oxidant to prevent redness, rough skin, and peeling. Active ingredients help to increase skin elasticity, normalize dry, parched skin, revitalize and condition sluggish skin. Recommended for all skin types. 2.5 FL. OZ  
IRC9HydraSkincare.jpg   Skin Care - Hydra Gel   $37.50  Add to Cart
This lightweight, clear gel contains hyaluronic acid, which binds collagen fibers in the connective tissue and thereby increases the level of hydration. Promotes skin's natural defense system. 1 FL OZ/30mL  
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