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Stroke Program Satisfaction Survey

This survey is intended for patients and families discharged from Saint Joseph Mercy Health System after receiving stroke treatment.

Our goal is to provide you with a "Remarkable" patient care experience. With your input we hope to achieve this goal. If you would like us to contact you regarding your comments, please include your name and telephone number.

If you are interested in evaluating your personal stroke risk, you can take our free Stroke Risk Assessment.

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Which hospital did you receive Stroke Care treatment from?
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Did the Doctor or Nurse review your risk factors for Stroke while you were in the hospital?
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Did the Doctor or Nurse review the warning signs of Stroke and the need to call 911 while you were in the hospital?
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Did the Doctor or Nurse review life style changes and prevention strategies with you when you were in the hospital?
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Would you recommend the St. Joseph Mercy Health System to anyone in need of Stroke Care?
If no, please explain.
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