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Clinical Trials

Treatment   Emergency Medicine
Trial Title   Utility of a Survey Instrument to Predict Benefit from a Novel Treatment for Vertical Heterophoria
Description of Research   The purpose of this study is to see if a questionnaire developed by researchers is able to identify headache patients who have a good chance of reducing their symptoms with a treatment that uses special eyeglasses to correct a misalignment of the eyes. Those patients who significantly improve with this treatment are said to have the condition above, Vertical Heterophoria. VH is a
condition where the image seen by one eye is slightly higher than that seen by the other eye. Since the images do not line up naturally, the eyes have to try to compensate to bring the two images closer together, which can be tiring for the eyes if left uncorrected and over time can lead to severe headaches, as well as other symptoms like dizziness, anxiety, neck ache and difficulty reading.
Study Number   HSR-11-1223
Inclusion/Notes   Participants are asked to participate in the study if they came to the Emergency Department today for
evaluation of a headache, which may be a symptom of a relatively unfamiliar condition called Vertical Heterophoria (VH). This condition has been shown to be effectively treated by a treatment that is much different from traditional forms of management for chronic
headaches associated with other conditions. Collecting more information about your experiences
with headaches and other related symptoms and conditions may reveal that other methods for treating some patients with headaches may be more appropriate in the future.
Principal Investigator   Mark Rosner, MD
Contact Name   Bryan Hornacek, B.A.
Phone   (734) 712-4316
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