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Breast Cancer Statistics

- More than 200,000 new breast cancer cases will be diagnosed in women in the United States in 2010.

-Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among American women between the ages of 44 and 55.

- Risk of contracting breast cancer increases with age.

2011 St. Joseph Mercy Saline Golf Classic

If you could save a life by playing golf would you?
The 2011 St. Joseph Mercy Saline Golf Classic will provide support for mammograms and related screening services for patients in our community who lack health insurance and financial stability.

Mammography remains the single most effective method proven to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages when it is most easily and successfully treated. This diagnostic X-ray finds cancer up to two years before a mass can be felt. With the use of mammography, since 1990, mortality from breast cancer has dropped 30%.

Unfortunately, there are people in our community who have insufficient or no health insurance. With a multitude of daily expenses - food, housing, utilities and transportation - that take priority over health screening, those who have been hardest hit by the economic downturn are less likely to seek care. This decreases the odds that cancer will be found before an advanced stage, or, in the most severe cases before it is too late.

Studies show that having health insurance reduces mortality rates by 10 to 15%. By offering mammograms and other screening services, we are helping to reduce barriers to these services, and, ultimately, ensuring that individuals in our community have access to life-saving care.

Saint Joseph Mercy Health System
Breast Health Services
Saint Joseph Mercy Health System conducted nearly 49,000 mammograms last year. The Health System uses only the latest digital mammography technology and offers ultrasounds, breast exams and other diagnostic services as well as access to a comprehensive, world-class cancer care including vital education, support programs and state-of-the art treatments. Currently, we provide breast health services at our locations in Saline, Ann Arbor, Brighton, Howell, Livonia and Canton.

You can make a difference!
Support for the 2011 Golf Classic will help us to reach our $100,000 fund-raising goal and to provide mammograms, ultrasounds and breast exams at no cost at our new Imaging Center at St. Joe's Saline. Your gifts will benefit our patients who are unable to bridge the gap to gaining quality health screening and diagnostic care. Your partnership will help to save lives.

2011 St. Joseph Mercy Saline Golf Classic
Date: Monday, May 23, 2011
Place: Travis Pointe Country Club, Ann Arbor
Chair: Jim Blum, The Christman Company
Beneficiary: Mammograms and related screening services for uninsured and underinsured patients