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Saint Joseph Mercy Health System offers remarkable nursing careers. Within our Medical/Surgical floors, we practice a relationship-centered model of care. We encourage our nurses to build trust with their patients, through daily conversations that may have nothing to do with their treatment plans. It is part of our holistic approach to caring for the mind, body and spirit of others. It is also a rewarding way to work.

While the average length of stay is approximately three to four days, our nurses are focused on working collaboratively with physicians to provide personalized care. Advanced technologies, such as smart IV pumps and electronic medical records, are found throughout our network.

Our Medical/Surgical specialties vary by facility, but you’ll find opportunities within SICU, CCU, MICU, ICU, Step-Down/Progressive Care, and Behavioral Health. No matter where you choose to join us, we have standardized hand-off procedures in place, to ensure patient information is communicated clearly at every point in the care process.

If you have a passion for healing others, then working here will bring out the best in you. Join our unique culture, where every day is different and teamwork is constant.