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Saint Joseph Mercy Health System is an expansive network united by its mission, vision and core values. We’re proud of our heritage that began with the founding Sisters nearly 100 years ago. Today, everything we do is inspired by our Catholic faith tradition. Through the combined strengths of our regional resources and sophisticated technologies, we provide distinguished, holistic healing for all those we serve.

Our remarkable team treats everyone who walks through our doors with the same respect and dignity. This is a special place where coworkers care about each other personally, professionally and spiritually. Everyone feels connected here, and that’s what makes us different.

Our Mission

We serve together in Trinity Health, in the spirit of the Gospel, to heal body, mind and spirit, to improve the health of our communities and to steward the resources entrusted to us.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Social Justice
  • Compassion
  • Care of the Poor and Underserved
  • Excellence

Our Vision

Create the REMARKABLE Patient Experience supported by seamless regional care delivery.